We are One Another. We collaborate with you to make your brand and your business better; increasing its visibility, credibility and interaction with your clients.

To stay relevant and competitive, you are always looking at the market to see how best to re-position your business and make it grow.

We believe that an important part of this process is making sure your brand reflects this cycle. We work with you to analyse where your brand currently stands in this equation, and how it can be developed effectively.

A guide to brand coaching

We created this downloadable Guide to Brand Coaching to help you visualise this process, and have a clearer understanding of your brand within the context of your business.

The One Another story

We established the studio to combine and complement one another’s skills, and now use them to help you to achieve the best results from your business online.

You want your business to have the best ideas and solutions, tailored for its needs. Using our vast experience working with professional companies in the last 20 years, as well as our exceptional creative, marketing and project management skills, we will support the growth of your business in both short and long term, whatever stage your business is at, with a personal touch.

Our working process

Our process is built around each client according to their needs:

One Another Process: Learn

Understanding the needs of your business and target audience is crucial to what we do. We’ll start with a detailed briefing and research stage to discover what’s important for your business. This information will help us to suggest what would be best for your business and budget in the following stages.

One Another Process: Plan

Every project gets broken down into steps. A timeline document is created, so you can see how it will develop from start to finish and know when and what needs to be done; Both on your part and ours. Understanding the details of the project will help you get the best out of working with us.

One Another Process: Design

This stage is all about turning what we’ve learnt into something tangible – be it your website’s personality, your brand identity or your creative strategy – making sure it is targeted at your ideal customer.

One Another Process: Make

For example, using the latest web technologies we’ll create a website that is fast and accessible across browsers and different devices; a brand mark that creatively conveys your business vision; or platforms for you to share your product and content, making it easy for your customers to find and interact with your business.

One Another Process: Launch

Every project goes through a series of checks before launch, making sure it’s all ready to go, and you are happy with it.

One Another Process: Support

A project launch is definitely the beginning of the journey rather than the end. We can help you develop a plan for future marketing and development so that your business can keep getting better. If you need any training, we can help with that too.

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About us

We have known one another for many years on both personal and professional levels. Our professional background has roots in art, design and architecture. We both have a strong interest in branding, design and technology and its application to the digital world.

Emerald Mosley:

Emerald works as an integrated graphic designer with an illustrative background, and loves seeing a project grow from the initial briefing through to the finished product.

She prides herself on the care and attention provided throughout the process; working with you from the initial research and conceptual stages of a project, through to the end result applying solid practical print and digital design skills along the way.

She also includes, where relevant, advice about writing for digital platforms, social media strategies, accessibility issues and useful SEO.

Previous clients have included: BBC, IPC Magazines, The British Council, Lipsy, Judicial Communications Office (JCO), UKTV and Carlton Interactive.

Mauricio Tognetti:

Mauricio Tognetti

Mauricio is a graphic designer with roots in architecture, typography and magazine production.
For the last 20 years he worked across a breadth of clients from sectors such as retail, film, entertainment, media, automotive, health and the fashion industry.

Passionate about branding, print and digital design across multiple devices, Mauricio has delivered projects for clients such as Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes, Hennessy, British Telecom, BBC, Hewlett Packard, Selfridges, Boots, Procter & Gamble, Waterstone’s.

With his multidisciplinary background Mauricio is always keen to take a bold and conceptual approach to his projects. His strength lies in creating the bridge between the creative, managerial and technical sides of projects.

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